DALLAS - Republican Stephen Broden, who is running as an opponent against Democratic Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson for her Dallas congressional seat, won't be doing any more news interviews, according to those running his campaign.

Broden's decision comes after he told WFAA last week that while he believes revolution starts at the ballot box, he also wouldn't exclude a violent overthrow of the government as an option.

The candidate didn't show as he was scheduled to at the Tea Party Express bus tour rally when it stopped in Kennedale. And, those in his campaign said he won't be showing up in any more interviews, preferring to meet directly with voters.

But, he did appear Monday on the web in a video news release in which he said, My remarks were intended to be historical and philosophical in nature. They were taken out of context by a reporter and only part of what I said was heard.

Without saying how his comments were taken out of context in the WFAA report, Broden said the only legitimate change can be made at the ballot box. But, last week, when asked what he meant by revolution, he said the ballot box first, but that a violent overthrow of the government is also option.

In 2010 you would urge that as an option, though? Watson asked.

The option is on the table, he replied.

Though Broden backed away from his original comments, he talked expansively about revolution last week.

You can't get around that being an option that is available to us as Americans, he said. We have a right to alter and abolish it. How do you deal with the word abolish? How do you see that? Is that just something that means, okay, we're just going to dissemble this and just start all over again. No, they said when tyranny becomes a threat, abolishment is an option for us and that includes revolution.

Broden now says the remedy against bad government is our right to vote.

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