DALLAS - We're headed into our first triple digit weekend and because of one decision, it may be kids who will suffer the most.

We told you on Friday about cutbacks in public swimming pools in Dallas and Fort Worth.

There were 21 public pools in 2008. We go into this summer with eight in Dallas and one in Fort Worth.

The reason: pools are expensive, city governments can t afford them now.

That's true, we don't have money for a lot of the things we used to.

But not a dime of the money we lost or misspent or didn't get is the result of poor planning by children.

They didn't sink the economy, adults did that.

They didn't fail to plan for every financial eventuality, those were adult decisions.

And if there was a child in the room when those discussions were under way, you can bet their opinion was not solicited and if offered, was ignored.

This is Texas;it gets hot the summer.It may come as surprise to some but not all kids have a pool in their neighborhood.

This summer, some families won't have the money to run the air conditioner.

I don't know the budget numbers for opening more pools and giving kids some relief during the hot days ahead but one public pool for Fort Worth and eight for Dallas are just not enough.

And high temperatures and hot, idle kids with no place to cool off, sounds like more problems for law enforcement.

We can disagree on a lot of things as adults but we ought to be able to come together for the kids.

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