McKINNEY McKinney ISD board members voted unanimously Monday night to open a new school later this year near busy U.S. Highway 380.

But it will open on time only if road construction is finished and a traffic light is installed at the street leading to the school.

School superintendent Dr. J.D. Kennedy told a packed boardroom crowd that Ridge Road should be finished when McClure Elementary opens in August.

If the road is not completed and there is not an operating light at 380, we re not going to open that school, Dr. Kennedy said.

Parents were concerned that Ridge Road would not be widened in time for the school opening, and with no traffic signal, cars would have a tough and dangerous time getting out to 380.

If we do not seize this opportunity now to have safe pedestrian walkways, we will be left scrambling in the face of injured kids and potential lawsuits, said Sarah Morrow, a MISD parent.

The board did not make a decision on a controversial walkway through Castle Rock Circle in the Ridgecrest neighborhood.

That s going to be an awful high number of cars that will be using my small street, said Jason Lowe, a Ridgecrest homeowner. My cul-de-sac width is only 28 feet wide to drop their children off two times a day.

Dr. Kennedy vowed to create more than one access point for kids who want to walk or ride their bicycles to school.

If McClure does not open on time, students will attend two other schools until the road work is done and the traffic light is working.


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