Ron Washington says his cocaine use last summer was a one-time deal. He had never done it before and hasn't since.

And that's the part I'm having trouble with.

Do a lot of 57-year-old guys who have never used cocaine try it one time and then never again?

I'm 61. I've done a lot of dumb things in my life... made a lot of bad choices... broken a lot of rules (and even some laws, too)... and I've never done any of 'em once.

And yet Ron Washington says he was having some anxiety problems and cocaine might help.

This is the manager... and that's the other part I'm having trouble with.

I've come to accept the fact that team owners and fans always think a player deserves a second chance (as long as he can play, of course), but managers should be held to a higher standard, shouldn't they?

I too think almost everybody deserves a seconnd chance... I just don't think my 57-year-old manager does.

I've got an outfielder who's one good party away from ruining his career again, and the manager thinks maybe cocaine was the answer to his problem.

A one-time deal... and it just happens to be the time Major League Baseball decides to test him for drugs. What are the odds?

Ron Washington is getting a lot of credit for standing up and apologizing for his mistake... that's what guys do what they get caught, and that's what we all do, too.

At least he didn't try to tell us he thought it was linseed oil for a sore back, so there is that.

But can someone please explain why we continue to spend millions of dollars fighting the war on drugs... telling our kids that illegal drugs are the path to hell and there's no path back... and yet a 57-year-old manager of a baseball team doesn't believe that?

But then, why should anyone? There's always a second chance.


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