DALLAS Some Dallas residents have been watching water (and their money) go right down the drain.

On Monday, the city kicked off a repair program to plug the leaks and save customers' cash.

Beverly Bain says her toilet has been leaking for 10 years. When you flush it, it'll start to run and it won't quit, she said. It just runs and runs and runs, which runs up the water bill.

Bain Couldn't afford to fix it, and she watched her water bill go from $25 to $40 a month.

Now she has some help.

Local plumbers arrived Monday, courtesy of the EPA and Dallas Water Utilities Fix a Leak Roundup.

They go out to low-income residents and help them fix some of the plumbing things, explained Dallas Water Utilities spokeswoman Carole Davis.

With grant money and its own programs, Dallas Water Utilities sent out plumbers in a race to repair more than 100 homes this week. That could save as much as 10,000 gallons per home per year and billions of gallons for the city.

Water conservation is the cheapest water supply we are ever going to have, Davis said. What we have now, we need to use it wisely.

Plumbers found an eroding stopper to blame for the leak at Bain's home. The fix could save her about 200 gallons per day, or more than $200 over the course of a year.

Isn't it nice that the water company that sells water is trying to help me lower my water bill? Bain asked.

Fix a Leak is a year-round program, so Bain's neighbors don't have to wait until next year to stop the leaks and start saving money.


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