DALLAS Although headlines from Haiti are disappearing from the news, a group of North Texas doctors knows the work in the earthquake zone is far from finished.

Plastic surgeon Craig Hobar is leading a second caravan of doctors to the island on Saturday morning. Dr. Hobar helped keep patients alive right after the quake struck more than two weeks ago.

He says thousand of people who suffered injuries now require follow-up care.

We cut off gangrenous limbs and left the wounds open to save lives, and our doctor down there has been cleaning up these wounds, he said. We have open wounds now, and they need to be covered.

Through his charity, the LEAP Foundation, Dr. Hobar is recruiting doctors and coordinating trips to Port-au-Prince.

He said he is committed to keep returning to the country for at least a year.

North Texans continue to give to the Spirit of Texas Help for Haiti fund. So far, more than $194,000 for the recovery and rebuilding effort has been collected from shoppers at the checkout stands of area Tom Thumb supermarkets.


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