DALLAS - While most are familiar with the bookstores Barnes and Noble and Borders, there's a tiny store that isn't so well-known in Dallas inspiring children to read one page at a time.

Katrina Hobbs runs what may be the smallest library and bookstore in Dallas. But don't let the size of the Roseland Library / Bookstore fool you; it's got a big purpose.

So far, buying the books is good because we want them to get a home library, Hobbs said. We want all the kids to have all their own books at their own house. That's why we sell them so cheap.

Cheap means 25 cents. The library-bookstore is run out of the Roseland Apartment complex everyday after school and is funded by Central Dallas Ministries.

Children, like nine-year-old Maxine Carter, love browsing for their own books.

We pick a partner to read with and then talk about what we read, said the fourth grader.

Hobbs helps about a dozen children per day with their homework and also works with them on their social skills. She said one of the best parts of the program is the proximity.

I think the fact that it's right here, they can come through it, she said. They can walk over here. They don't have to catch the bus, don't have to say, 'Momma, can you take me?' I think being right here helps.

Hobbs said she and the program has one simple message for children - read.


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