The incident: NFL football player Ryan Moats begs to be allowed to rush to the bedside of his dying mother-in-law while Dallas police Officer Robert Powell takes 13 minutes to write him a ticket earlier this month. The woman died before Moats could get there.

Caught on camera: Moats is cooperative, while Powell bullies and lectures him.

The incident: After a brief car chase in September 2008, Dallas police Officer Rene Villanueva gets into a scuffle in which Derrick Jones, 31, punches him repeatedly in the head. Fearing he'd lose consciousness, he shoots and kills Jones.

Caught on camera: The video shows that the officer acted in self-defense, addressing the concerns of some who said the shooting was unnecessary.

The incident: Travis L. Tarver, 46, is punched in the face and beaten by police at McKinney's Manor House Apartments in October 2006 after being stopped for public intoxication. Tarver says he didn't struggle against police and an officer used excessive force on him.

Caught on camera: The video shows the beating, but it is unclear exactly what happened. A grand jury declined to indict the officer.

The incident: McKinney police Cpl. Russell May was repeatedly thrown against his squad car hood by escaped Colorado convict Joshua Wayne Jones in April 2006.

Caught on camera: Video evidence helped secure an additional 60 years in prison for May.

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