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DENTON -- The Denton Police Department has fired a jail employee for a violent takedown used on a public intoxication suspect in the early hours of July 19.

Jason Bishop, 38, was arrested for public intoxication as he was panhandling on Fry Street and taken to Denton City Jail. While he was being booked in, he 'became argumentative when asked to submit to a property search,' according to Denton police spokesperson Ryan Grelle.

'Well, apparently, some people say they heard I was being uncooperative,' Bishop told News 8 Thursday, 'but I was just telling them that I didn't have to sign that crap, because I have been advised in different situation that if I didn't want to sign anything, I didn't have to.'

Denton Police Jailer Darius Porter misapplied what Grelle called a leg-sweep technique, causing Bishop to hit his head on the floor of the jail cell. The incident was caught on tape, though the video has not been released. Pictures taken just after the incident show the traumatic cuts and swelling of Bishop's injuries, including a broken nose.

After an internal investigation, police determined Porter acted outside of the department's use-of-force policy and he was fired on Friday. The investigation also found no other department employees were involved in the incident.

'The Denton Police Department does not condone or tolerate the excessive use of force and all employees are expected to use only the force which is objectively reasonable in the course of affecting an arrest or handling an uncooperative person in custody,' Grelle said.

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