'Hello Channel 8, we're Shelly's bookworms,' cheered more than two dozen kids at the Southwest Community Center in Fort Worth.

There kids of all ages form a great bond all summer long.

'I love it! This is a family place, huh?' I said.

First we got to know each other, then it was down to business of books, and the gift that comes packed in each one.

'Will it help you be a better speller?' I asked. 'Yes!' cheered the kids.

'Will it help you explore the world?' I asked. 'Yes!' they cheered again.

'Do you think it's going to open opportunities?' I asked. 'Yes!'

'It all starts right here in these books, so who wants one?' I asked. 'ME!' all the kids yelled.

Morgan Guy loves to read. She's a mature 11 year old.

'It can give you knowledge and lessons that sometimes parents aren't always teaching you. That's good for our generation today because we are mostly glued to electronics,' Guy said.

Raul Meza helps these students day in and out and says sometimes these kids just need a little TLC.

'Sometimes they act out, but really they don't get that kind of attention. They just need someone to look at them and say 'you can do something,'' Meza said.

Meza is on top of it!

'I'm like a hawk; I'll hold it down for you,' he said.


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