A few seconds about someone you probably didn't know, but maybe should have; it's this week's Uncut commentary.

He was a regular in front of the American Airlines Center -- the artist out front. Thin, mustache, a cowboy hat, busy completing a canvas.

He was there off and on. On for many of the big events, sometime to paint the crowd, sometimes just for a little company while he worked on something else.

His name was Del Rio Dan, a face on the Dallas art scene since the 60s. He died recently.

Dan always had this dream of painting, writing poetry, and it really didn't matter what you thought of his work. It was his dream!

You could be a part of it, or ignore him, just stay out of the way.

He was relentless in his pursuit of that dream, completing works big and small; 'cell phone paintings,' he called them, with figures like Salvador Dali's... Western scenes reminiscent of Charles Russell... A splash of Peter Max color.

Now he has passed from artist to legend; a memory in the minds of those who saw him.

But his art is still with us, speaking every day for a voice now silenced... And proving people pass on, but not always their dreams.

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