BASTROP -- The Bastrop County Sheriff's Office is investigating a staff member at a Cub Scouts camp for secretly recording adults and children.

Detectives say the crime happened in a staff shower facility at Camp Tom Wooten, where they say the staff member put a Go Pro camera on the ground to secretly film two adults and two children.

Investigators say a scout around 10 years old discovered the camera when he was cleaning the shower facility around the weekend of June 20-22.

The 24-year-old staff member had worked at the camp for eight years. The Boy Scouts have fired him and banned him from participating in any future scouting activities.

'The accused is a member of the camp staff and was serving in a variety of roles. I believe in this case he was approved to be a BB gun instructor,' said Boy Scouts spokesperson Charles Mead.

Bastrop County investigator Vance Weltner says the camp staff member confessed, but he's not in custody. Investigators say they are waiting to interview one more victim before they plan to arrest the suspect Friday. If arrested, he will be charged with improper photography.

'There were four different videos of juveniles and adult males in the shower,' said Weltner.

Weltner says the suspect is a single white male who lives in Round Rock. He says they are analyzing his computers and cameras.

Mead says children at the Cub Scout camp attended with parents, eliminating their time alone. He says this incident is a reminder for all families to be vigilant.

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