ARLINGTON As chance would have it, Thursday became the second time Arlington police Sgt. Gary Carter came to the rescue of a white pit bull named Jeffrey.

Their story gained worldwide attention a few weeks ago when millions of people viewed the photos Arlington police posted of the sergeant interacting with the dog neighbors called aggressive.

'He's not a mean dog,' Carter said at the time. 'Somebody loves him.'

Jeffrey was reunited with his owner. But, when the dog escaped again, the owner decided he didn't want him anymore.

Since the Arlington animal shelter was overcrowded, Jeffrey was immediately placed on the 'urgent' list for adoption.

'The urgent list means that at any time they could be humanely euthanized because we don't have any more space to bring in any more animals,' said Ray Rentschler, of animal services.

Rentschler said because so many people go on vacation during the summer months, adoptions drop, even though animals continue to be surrendered.

Thursday morning, Arlington police tweeted urgently about Jeffrey's dire situation.

'We know someone will take him!' they wrote. 'Spread the word.'

Well, it ended up Carter was the one who once again responded.

'We just kind of kept running into each other,' he said. 'So, it's just one of those deals where I decided that it was better if I took him home.'

Carter agreed to adopt the pit bull, but only if he received obedience training. International K-9 out of Weatherford has agreed to sponsor the training at no charge.

The sergeant promises that his new furry family member will have a good life and never be allowed to escape or threaten anyone.

The first order of business for the Carter family upon adoption was changing Jeffrey's name to 'Chance' as in a lucky second chance.

Arlington Animal Services has offered half-price adoptions through Saturday to relieve overcrowding. You can find details at


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