DALLAS The name of their church must be divinely inspired, because New Beginning Covenant Ministries has twice received a fresh start as a result of nature's wrath.

'I was talking with someone who said something obviously must be wrong if this church has been hit twice,' said LaDonna Harlan, who has attended the church since 2009. 'I told them there is nothing wrong, because every time we get hit we always get an upgrade!'

Back in May, strong storms caused the church's outer wall to collapse, and part of the ceiling caved in. It was the second time the church at 3305 Canada Drive had been damaged during severe weather.

The day after the storm, members worshiped outside, but for the next seven weeks they have borrowed neighboring church facilities for services.

'It kind of brought us closer,' said the Rev. Vincent Young. 'Where everyone was in their own little place, now we are more connected to everyone.'

Sunday was the congregation's first time back inside the repaired building for services. The church's entire front wall was replaced and the entrance was moved, a change Young said they had wanted to make before, but didn't have the opportunity or the money to accomplish.

On Sunday, they sang and even danced under a new roof.

'Everybody went into their pockets, and we did what we had to do to get it back where we needed it to get back in the building,' Young said.

'Several people called my office from Chicago,' Harlan said. 'We had people calling from East Texas; they were donating money. They donated their time.'

While some people say the storm brought destruction, Harlan said it just brought a chance for change,

'You always have to look at it from the positive perspective, because what we think is negative, God is turning it around for us,' she said.


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