There is a surprising development in the case of a Plano man who is accused of trying to blow up a natural gas line.

Anson Chi struck a plea deal on Monday, the latest twist in a case that has captivated Collin County.

Chi's mother confirmed the arrangement just hours before his case was to go to trial.

Chi was first arrested in 2012, accused of trying to use a homemade bomb to blow up that gas line in the 3600 block of West Parker Road.

He was offered a plea deal once before, and accepted it but later turned it down and decided to go to trial.

He fired his defense attorneys and was representing himself.

Both sides were in court on Monday and selected their jury by 5 p.m., then released them for the day.

Shortly after that, Chi agreed to the deal and pleaded guilty.

Chi's family would not say what led to his change of heart on the night before trial. A judge will schedule a date for Chi's sentencing.


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