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HILLCOUNTY One wall is all that's left of Robert and Denise Webb's once stunning home perched on a cliff at Lake Whitney.

'Absolutely mind boggling,' said Robert Webb as he viewed the aftermath firsthand for the first time.

The Webbs knew it would look this way. They watched live on the Internet from Florida as their house was set ablaze Friday to prevent the entire structure from crashing dangerously into the lake below.

'When the first torch went off, she lost it,' Webb said of his wife.

'Every room that we lived in, every room that we shared, we just watched it go up in smoke,' she said. 'It's just terrible.'

'I told Denise coming down I felt like we were going to the funeral home because we're coming to see the remains,' her husband added. 'And even though you see it on television and you know it's happening when you come here, it's really staggering.'

Insurance claims are still being worked out. The Webbs primary concern now is cleaning up so neighbors don't live next to an eyesore.

They also want gawkers in boats and water craft below to stay away because even if there is no house, the fissure in the giant rock will eventually cause the cliff to come crashing down.

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