McKINNEY A McKinney day care operator is accused of indecency with a child.

Charlotte Semrau, 70, was arrested over the weekend. Her name appears on a list of day care providers in McKinney.

Neighbors tell News 8 that Semrau operated a day care out of her home on Alex Court. Semrau was arrested Saturday on suspicion of 'indecency with a child.'

On Tuesday, she voluntarily surrendered her day care operating permit.

According to a search warrant, Semrau showed at least one pornographic video to a five-year-old child she was babysitting. The little girl told her parents that she and Semrau 'rubbed' themselves while in Semrau's bed and described a sexual toy to her parents, saying her babysitter used it on herself on occasion. Police say late last week the girl admitted to her parents that Semrau would touch herself in front of her 'every day.'

While the girl said they always kept their clothes on and Semrau never touched her, she did tell police that Semrau made her promise not to tell anyone. McKinney police believe the girl was the one Semrau touched.

'We have interviewed other children, they have gone through the forensic interview,' said Sabrina Boston with McKinney police. 'At this time, we do not have any other victims or any other suspects.'

Semrau's bond was set at $100,000, but the Collin County Jail says she posted that bond and was released on Sunday. As part of her release, Semrau cannot have contact with any children.

Because all touching was over the girl's clothes, Semrau was not charged with sexual assault of a minor. The investigation is ongoing and more charges may be added as more information comes to light.

A neighbor who had used Semrau's service said she never seemed out of the ordinary, was always kind and was always willing to help.

'She has a pretty successful business,' said neighbor Brett Villareal. 'There are a lot of kids being dropped off from early morning until late at night getting picked up.'

A total of 10 kids were in Semrau's care on a daily basis. The home is a registered facility with the department of protective and family services, and shows no major violations. But these charges lead neighbors to question what was really happening behind this door.

'I have little sisters and they go over there and they play around with all the other kids and stuff,' Villareal said. 'It's just really crazy to think about it -- even imagine her doing something like that.'

The day care is no longer open.


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