FRISCO When five-year-old Meaghan Levy left for school on December 12, 2013, her parents thought she was safe.

But Meaghan never came home again.

Dawn Neufeld's daughter was in a Frisco kindergarten with Meaghan. 'Losing a child has to be the worst nightmare,' she said.

Meaghan, the little girl with a big smile, had choked to death.

The autopsy report said Meaghan '...died as a result of asphyxia resulting from obstruction of her airway by a pushpin.'

'When we heard it was a pushpin, that really rocked everybody, because it hit home that it could have happened to anybody's child,' Neufeld said.

Teachers and administrators worked frantically to try to save the little girl that day.

'It was so hard on all of them,' Neufeld said. 'I have no doubt that every single person at the school did everything in their power to help Meaghan that day.'

Administrators tried CPR, and then the Heimlich maneuver, and then tried to give her oxygen to help her breathe.

'But during the time that they were administering CPR, the oxygen tank malfunctioned, which means at that particular point they were unable to give her any oxygen,' said Daryl Kevin Washington, a spokesman for the girl's family.

Washington believes if the oxygen tank had been working, Meaghan might have survived.

'Had the oxygen bottle not malfunctioned ... we know and we believe that would have played an important role in saving Meaghan's life,' he said.

Parents like Neufeld said they know it was an accident, but hope Meaghan's death will bring about changes so this doesn't happen to another child again.


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