LEWISVILLE LAKE The body of a Little Elm man was finally recovered late Sunday morning from Lewisville Lake.

Blake Long, 31, had been missing since his boat capsized on Friday night.

Friends and neighbors of Long told News 8 they feared the worst starting Saturday.

'I heard a guy was missing, 31, and I just put the pieces together because I hadn't seen the boat,' said Hunter Hicks, who lived next door.

Long's Facebook page is filled with photos of him on the water.

'He loved to spend time on the water with friends and family,' Hicks said.

Park officials said with the ongoing drought pushing lake levels nearly 10 feet lower than normal, many boaters are finding it difficult to navigate the shallow waters.

'I think you could get a lot of these boaters to tell you, 'We ran into a place that normally we can pass, and now we can't,'' said Game Warden Lt. Jessica Kemp. 'It's just dangerous ... people need to take it slow, especially driving around at night.'

Another person who was in the boat with Long on Friday was able to put on a life jacket and was eventually rescued.


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