This was a moment Angel Dobbs wanted and finally got.

Friday, she publicly faced down former Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Kelley Helleson.

'To me, that's not a cop,' she said. 'That's a predator.'

Helleson was terminated from her job as a trooper after a video went viral that revealed she performed a full cavity search on Dobbs and her adult niece during a routine traffic stop in 2012.

'She never once asked me, because I didn't know it was going to happen, if I had a venereal disease, if I had AIDS,' Dobbs said. 'And you could have so easily given something like that from me if I had it to my niece who has three children.'

Helleson pleaded guilty Friday to two charges of official oppression before the case could go to trial. It's a misdemeanor but will remain on her permanent record, eliminating her from future law enforcement jobs.

And while prosecutors say Helleson has previously admitted to a full, invasive search, on the stand Friday, the former trooper denied it.

'At no time did I ever stick my finger in any part of anyone's body,' she said. 'That never happened.'

The prosecution says they reviewed other dash-cam videos of Helleson performing invasive searches, though none were prosecutable. Dobbs hopes other women after seeing her story speak up.

'I would like to make a plea to the other victims to come forward,' she said. 'If you know someone who has been searched, come forward.'

In response to this case, DPS now requires a warrant for a body search. The state has also paid out $185,000 to Dobbs in a civil lawsuit. Helleson is on probation for two years but will serve no jail time.


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