POSSUM KINGDOM LAKE A North Texas treasure is about to be introduced to the world.

RedBull has chosen Hell'sGate, a little cove at Possum Kingdom Lake, for the second stop on its Cliff Diving World Series 2014. It is the only North American location on the list, beating out Boston,Chicago and Arizona's Havasu Falls.

With 10,000 people expected to attend, facilities like Bluff Creek Marina are bursting with business.

'All my boats, my kayaks, Sea-Doos are sold out,' said operations manager Felecia Ongley. 'I wish I had 30 more boats I could rent out.'

After a few rough years, the economic activity is a welcome sight.

'Our businesses need it,' said Possum Kingdom Chamber of Commerce president Justin Burney. 'After the fires, it's something to look forward to.'

In 2011, fires ravaged Possum Kingdom. The drought here has hurt other things, too. Water levels in the lake are 15 feet below where they should be.

This has also been a spot with human tragedy. Less than two years ago, 17-year-old CoppellHighSchool senior Jacob Logan died after jumping off one of the cliffs. Red Bull did take that into consideration, but ensures this event is completely safe for these professional athletes.

'That was the biggest concern,' Ongley said, 'but Red Bull's assured us it's fine.'

Red Bull said the spot these professional athletes will dive from is 26 feet deep; that's 10 feet deeper than the minimum depth of 16 feet.

'It's just a neat spot,' says boater RoyDavis; and it's a spot that the whole world will know about starting June 6.


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