Graduation season is here, and if you're looking for a unique gift for a special grad, lifestyle expert Suzie Chase Brown has some suggestions that grads will use and love.

The perfect inexpensive gift for a student graduating from kindergarden is the gift that will teach a child to be fiscally responsible. Moonjar Moneyboxes (from $8) are a great way to start teaching young children to Save, Spend and Share!

For the student graduating high school or college, there are gifts that they will forget, and some that they will use for years.

Instead of running around buying everything from backpacks to towels to dishes, Dorm-in-a-Box can customize a box for your grad with those and bed sets, office supplies and bath bundles. Not only do they do all the shopping for you, they discount it so you save at least 30 percent instead of buying all these things individually. The best part is that Dorm-In-A-Box delivers straight to your graduate's new dorm or apartment!

If you want to find something for the new grad that will encourage them to eat healthy meals, the choices are limited! Instead of a cooktop, consider Ronco's EZ-Store Rotisserie ($130). It is a quick, hassle-free and healthy method to preparing a wide variety of foods. Ronco is a Texas company and the original 'Set-It-And-Forget-It' rotisserie oven preserves and truly unlocks the flavor of any food. It's a healthy way to cook and easy to clean up!

College is a time when plenty of kids get surprise when their smartphones are not only coated with germs, they grow lots of gross stuff on them because they are always kept warm in pockets, purses and the like. PhoneSoap Charger ($60) is the first and only cell phone charger that cleans and sanitizes your phone while it charges. Now you can add to your daily charge with a sanitizing process. With PhoneSoap, a charged phone is a clean phone.

Here's something different for your grad: A Denton-based company called Picture Bungalow is making unique, customizable picture creations on metal or wood. You can contact them for 'wow' gifts for your grad.

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