AUSTIN -- A man recovering from open heart surgery needs help finding one of his 'angels.'

That's what he calls the three men who helped take care of him after he had a heart attack riding his bike near a school.

So far two of the men have come forward, but the identity of the third remains a mystery. It's believed he may be an avid runner from Dallas.

Before the incident, Douglas Gowland rode his bike every other day. He's also an avid skier and walker, and he never had any heart problems.

On March 29 he was told by friends that he went to get his haircut and then got on his bike. A block away from his house he had a heart attack and crashed into a giant oak tree on the campus at O'Henry Middle School.

Normally the school would be empty, but the members of the Chi Running Club had come from all over the region for a lecture.

When Gowland crashed, three men came running to help -- a chiropractor on his bike, an Austin police officer attending the meeting, and a third man who hasn't been identified. He had an oxygen tank in his car and is believed to be from Dallas.

Gowland thinks it was all a case of divine intervention.

'I was gone. I was a goner. They described me as being a deep purple color, gasping for air; my life was over. These angels saved my life.'

Gowland went to the hospital with four arteries completely blocked, and soon after he had to have open heart surgery.

When he got out of the hospital last week, he put up flyers in his neighborhood trying to find the men. He ended up getting phone calls from two of them.

Gowland says he hopes some media coverage will help find that third person he calls 'oxygen man.'He adds that he hopes by seeing this story, at least one person will be inspired to go to the doctor and get checked out.

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