MANVEL, Texas -- Gary Haynes of Manvel High School is known all around the Web as the teen that can catch his own football pass.

His Vine video posted on Sunday shows him throwing the ball up high and then running quite a distance to catch it.

He says it was 45 yards.

'I didn't think it was gonna blow up to be this big to be honest,' admitted Haynes. 'I just kept hearing my phone going off and looked at it and it was Twitter from ESPN, Sports Nation.'

Some allege the video is fake, pointing to the fact that you can't see the ball's shadow. It wouldn't be the first time a little trickery was used in a Vine video.

Haynes' coach at Manvel was skeptical too, so he shot a video on Tuesday of his 17-year old player doing it again.

'He thought I could do it but he wasn't sure,' said Haynes. 'He wanted to make sure I could do it before going on different TV shows.'

Haynes has never left Texas or flown on a plane before. Thanks to his great catch, he will be doing both on Wednesday.

He's flying to New York to do an interview about his viral video.

One day, Haynes hopes to play for the Houston Texans.

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