DALLAS A suspect in a Dallas robbery apologized after shooting his target early Tuesday morning, according to a police report.

The incident began after three people got off a bus at the intersection of Bruton Road and North Saint Augustine Drive. Upon walking into the 3300 block of North Augustine Drive, two men walking in the opposite direction ducked into an alley and put up the hoods of their jackets. One of the suspects placed a red bandana over his face.

Once the three targets walked by, the two suspects approached them from behind and demanded they get on the ground. Police said one of the suspects then fired his weapon, striking one of the victims through the hand and into his hip.

According to one of the other victims, the suspect stated, 'Sorry, just call 911 and they will help you out; I got to do what I got to do.'

Both suspects fled the scene on foot after collecting cash and phones from the victims.

The shooting victim was transported to Baylor University Medical Center.

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