PLANO -- Robert Swann knew something wasn't right when he took the trails of the Oak Point Park and Nature Reserve in Plano last year.

'This doesn't fit in my feel of what the true picture of this preserve should be,' Swann said.

He noticed that a car had somehow landed in the creek bed of the park. He's been told it's been there many years.

'It just didn't fit in,' said Swann, who comes often to the park to walk the trails. 'It piqued my curiosity. Like, why is it here?'

Swann took it upon himself to remove the car, piece by piece. He said early indications are that it's a 70s-era AMC Gremlin. He is intrigued by that mystery, as well, hoping one day to know for sure what kind of car it is and how it got there.

'I've gotten over being embarrassed about it, because it makes me happy,' Swann said.

He started his project in May of 2013 and still has a lot of work ahead of him. For example, he's hoping to make some progress on the engine, which he's managed to remove from the vehicle.

He documents his recovery effort on this YouTube page.


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