ARLINGTON -- The boyfriend of an Arlington woman has been arrested after her eight-month-old son was nearly beaten to death.

Arlington police say an arrest warrant was issued for Miguel Eduardo Garcia, 22.He was pulled over for a traffic violation and arrested on Thursday, May 1. He is charged with injury to a child/serious bodily injury. He also had other outstanding warrants, police said.

The child's biological father, Julio Cruz Sr,. said he got a phone call on April 7 to rush to Cook Children's Medical Center. He found his son Julio Cruz, Jr. unconscious and fading fast.

'The doctors said he probably wouldn't make it,' the father told News 8.

But after a lengthy surgery and a week in the intensive care unit, Julio Cruz Jr. started to slowly recover.

The boy no longer has to wear a helmet to protect his fragile skull while family cradles him.

'It is a miracle he made it,' said the elder Cruz.

The father shifted his efforts toward finding his son's suspected abuser or abusers. Doctors at Cook told him there was 'no way' the injuries were accidental.

'They said somebody must have grabbed my son and hit him against the wall a few times, or dropped him and stomped on his head,' the elder Cruz said.

Arlington police confirmed to News 8 at the time that they were investigating the case. Detectives were focusing on who was at the home of the little boy's mother in the hours before he went to the hospital.

She and the father are no longer in a relationship and live apart.

The little boy will likely remain hospitalized for another month. The family doesn't know yet what kind of long-term conditions there might be.

Garcia is currently in the Arlington City Jail on a bail of more than $26,000.


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