RICHARDSON -- When Jeremy Bay and his fiancee, Brittany Barton, found their house in Richardson, they were hoping it may be for long-term.

'When we moved in, Brittany loved this house,' Bay said. 'There's nothing about this house she didn't like, and instantly, she wanted to move out.'

One terrifying experience on Sept. 1, 2013, changed everything. Brittany woke up to see a neighbor, Brandon Jordan, rifling through their dresser.

'It's the creepiest thing I've ever seen,' Barton said in an interview Monday.

In December, a judge sentenced Jordan to eight years in prison. But on Thursday, the teenager was granted 'shock probation' by Dallas County Judge Larry Mitchell.

'The judge says, essentially, 'I'm going to give you another chance, but realize if you fail me and if you fail the sentence, you know exactly where you are going back to,'' said attorney and legal expert Todd Shapiro.

Shapiro said shock probation puts the emphasis on rehabilitation and is more likely granted for young, first-time, non-violent offenders. Bay tells News 8 that Jordan was already on probation for theft when he was arrested in September.

Now a young family living to forget is now living in fear. Jeremy Bay remembers his words for Brandon Jordan from Jordan's sentencing in December.

'Our family has been forever changed because of what you did to us,' Bay said.

All the locks, signs, and motion sensors in the world couldn't allay their fears.

Shapiro tells News 8 that shock probation is a tool that judges have to reduce prison populations. He said it doesn't happen often, but it does happen.

'It depends on the crime, depends on the criminal, depends on the victim, and it depends on the judge,' Shapiro said. 'This judge was elected by the citizens of Dallas County to use his judgment and use the tools the law gave him, and shock probation is one of those tools.'

Bay said because the judge granted shock probation, he and his fiancee will remain on edge.

'We feel like we're punished for what he did. And now he's getting off,' he said. 'It doesn't seem fair at all.'

Jordan will serve eight months of the eight-year sentence.

Bay said he and his fiance will be out of the home in August; the same month the man who took their home away is released.


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