Adrian Beltre is on the disabled list and is not eligible to play until April 25, but not by his choice. He said the decision was out of his hands.

'I didn't have a fighting chance to change the decision that was already made,' he said. 'I'm not alright with it because I had no say.'

The star third baseman wanted to play Tuesday, but had his scheduled workout canceled Sunday due to rain at Globe Life Park. When asked how the decision was explained to him, Beltre had few words.

'You don't want to know,' he told reporters. 'No comment.'

It was a more downtrodden mood in the scheduled media session in Ron Washington's office than one would expect as the team comes off a series win against a division rival, and was just hours away from Colby Lewis's first pitch in a Big League uniform in 21 months.

He may have anticipated questions about putting his cleanup hitter and human vacuum of a third baseman on the DL.

'It's always difficult when you're talking to one of your best players about going on the disabled list,' Washington said, referencing the discussion with Beltre.

Wash said he always listens to both the player and the medical staff when evaluating injuries. While he said Adrian would get more of an opportunity to go out and manage an injury than most people, a stint on the DL was best for the team.

'We did what we thought was right for Adrian, and what was right for the Texas Rangers,' he said.

Beltre has been given several chances to manage his own injuries in the past. Despite battling leg injuries throughout 2013, Beltre was penciled into the lineup in 161 games.

'This is a different injury than I'm accustomed to,' Beltre said. 'I thought that I could manage it. [The DL] might be the smart idea, I just wasn't happy with the decision.'

As far as what he'll do to make sure the leg is 100 percent over the next 10 days? He said he didn't know, but that 'pulling back' and making sure the leg is okay is part of the plan.

He joked that he hasn't been 100 percent in 15 years.

'We want him getting his legs strong and getting ready to get back on the field when his time comes,' Washington said.

It's no secret that Beltre, more than anyone, can't wait until that time comes. And for him, it will be a long 10 days until that time comes.

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