SAN ANTONIO -- It's time to get fit San Antonio. The city needs to pick up the pace to meet the goal set forth by Mayor Julian Castro's Million Pound Challenge that started in February.

San Antonians have lost approximately 7,400 pounds, so far -- that translates to about 1,000 pounds per week. The goal is to reach one million pounds by November 2014, and to beat the city of Houston in getting there.

The mayor's mission with the weight challenge is to promote a healthier city and reduce the obesity rate.

In a recent survey by Gallup, more than 31 percent of people in the Alamo City are obese, ranking San Antonio as the second-highest in the country among cities with more than a million people.

The city of Houston is 13th on the list.

'Oorah for San Antonio. We have gone down. We have decreased,' said Jessica Rios with SA2020. 'This is the lowest that we have been so far. And we're actually lower than the state of Texas. So, good for us.'

With the mayor's Million Pound Challenge, anyone can sign up here, track their weight and start getting connected with others who want to get fit.

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