DALLAS -- Tuesday afternoon, Reunion Park was getting its equivalent of the pre-interview haircut.

Lawn mowers ran over the now grassy site of the former Reunion Arena. The site is about to be the hottest venue in America.

'It's hard to believe, we're counting days,' Brett Daniels of the North Texas Local Organizing Committee.

A three-day music festival at Reunion Park, free to all, complete with a Ferris wheel, will start Friday, April 4 as the Final Four rolls into town.

'Fans will have a great sloping view into the stage,' Daniels said.

Concerts headliners include Jason Aldean, The Killers, Tim McGraw, and Bruce Springsteen.

Daniels said entrance into these concerts will be first-come, first-served. However, he said Dallas police have decided there will be no camping overnight allowed.

People 'can begin lining up early in the morning,' Daniels said. But he tells News 8 the actual time you can arrive has not yet been decided.

He added people will not be able to bring lawn chairs, coolers, weapons, or large, bulky items into the park.

If you want to get to Reunion Park, you'll either need to walk, rely on street or lot parking, or take the DART.

'We know we're obviously going to need to add additional service,' said DART spokesman Mark Ball.

With just three weeks left, DART's plans still aren't set in stone. But Ball said tentative plans include running shuttles from Victory, West End, and the Convention Center stations to Reunion Park.

'[We'll] make a circuitous route, dropping people off, picking people up, and dropping them off,' Ball said.

The closest DART station to the park is Union Station, less than half a mile away. And though it might be hard to believe, Daniels thinks there's enough street parking to accommodate the masses. News 8 once reported there are about 69,000 parking spaces in downtown Dallas.

Daniels feels everything is falling into place.

'We feel like we've brought up all the issues that could happen and try to plan accordingly,' he said. 'Hopefully, we won't have to deal with any of them, but if we do, we hope we're ready.'


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