DALLAS With Election Day a week away, some Dallas County voters might have a tough time voting in the primary.

'It is my understanding that we had 90,000 that the post office returned,' said Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price about voter registration cards returned by the the U.S. Postal Service.

While some of the cards were returned to senders because people moved and didn't leave a forwarding address, others were stamped incorrectly by a Postal Service employee who was fired. Those voters were placed on a 'suspended voter' list.

'That right there is a disincentive for those people to vote,' said County Judge Clay Jenkins. 'I want to get them fixed and notified and off the suspended list as soon as possible.'

People who didn't receive their cards can still vote, but will have to sign an affidavit and show proof of residence at the polls.

Officials with the Postal Service said they believe fewer than 100 people were impacted, and called it an isolated incident, not a widespread problem.


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