DALLAS -- A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, Juliet told Romeo.

Unless it's dead, of course.

'There's what appears to be little buds of roses where there used to be a flower, but all of the stems are bent in half and they are definitely frozen,' said Lisa Belding of Crowley.

Belding said 1-800-Flowers delivered the 'roses' Friday, not quite as lovely as the flowers pictured on their website. The company has offered to replace the flowers and half of her fiances money.

Industry analysts say 67 million flower orders are at risk, disrupted by the huge storm that just hit the East Coast.

'The flowers were just a complete wreck,' said Amy, another unhappy customer. 'They were mush.'

They are - or were tulips, delivered locally, by ProFlowers, which is getting hit hard by angry customer comments on social media. But, it said the weather is beyond its control.

And neither is Facebook, where complaints about awful arrangements are blooming.

'When you get something completely frozen, you are disappointed,' Belding said.

ProFlowers told us that customers who are not satisfied with their flowers are eligible for a complete refund. The company would not say if problems in North Texas Friday are out-of-the-normal or related to the East Coast weather.

1-800-Flowers did not return News 8's calls Friday.


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