Arnav Dhawan was found dead in a bathtub last week. Police said the 10-year-old had been there for several days, covered with ice and plastic bags.

His mother, Pallavi Dhawan, is charged with first degree murder, but the boy's father says there is more to this story.

Sumeet Dhawan told us it is part of Indian culture to put a child's body on ice until the father can say goodbye. He was away from home when Arnav died.

'[Pallavi] knew he was no more,' Dhawan said. 'I think she realized she should have called the cops. And after a while, she realized she could not handle the situation. So maybe I should come handle it.'

Sumeet Dhawan and his attorney went to Frisco police on Monday, demanding the return of medical records that were left in the family's car. The father said the records document ten years of his son's neurological problems, including seizures and a cyst on the brain.

Dhawan also wants his car back for a very personal reason.

'[Arnav] loved the car. I remember every time I used to sit in that car he would say, 'Daddy, please increase the volume.' That's the reason I want that car,' Dhawan said through tears.

The father and lawyer left the police station empty-handed. They say they will keep trying to get answers.

The family's attorney said the boy did not have any injuries, and the medical examiner hasn't yet established a cause of death.

In an affidavit, police say the boy's mother confessed to murder with a nod of the head. Her family is disputing the meaning behind that gesture.

Frisco police didn't comment, other than to say that they're waiting on the toxicology report in Arnav's death.


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