DALLAS -- The defense rested its case late Friday afternoon in the trial of the former Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent.

Brent is accused of intoxication manslaughter after causing a fiery crash that killed Jerry Brown Jr., his friend and teammate.

The defense has argued all week that Brent was not drunk, and that excessive speed caused the 2012 crash. Friday, on the fifth day of the trial, many of the witnesses were called back to the stand for questioning led by the defense team.

Janine Arvizu, a chemist and a certified quality auditor, was brought in talk about the blood testing processes. Testimony earlier in the week claims the 320-pound Brent would have had to have 17 drinks to have a blood-alcohol level more than twice the legal limit.

But Arvizu claims the results are misleading.

'There are a number of quality control failures that render these results unreliable,' Arvizu said from the witness stand.

Later in the afternoon, Irving investigator Ofc. James Fairbairn once again walked the jury through the scene of the accident. The defense would push him to say that speed contributed to the crash.

Ofc. Fairbairn said the 2007 Mercedes Brent was driving is designed to handle excessive speeds, and stuck to his prior statements that Brent was intoxicated.

Closing arguments are scheduled for Tuesday morning.


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