DALLAS -- Firefighters drilled into pipes and dug holes to help rescue a little dog trapped in a drain pipe Wednesday.

Dallas Fire-Rescue brought in its elite urban search and rescue team and used cameras and sonar equipment to locate the 2-year-old Yorkie trapped in the 14800 block of Spring Creek Rd.

'They place [sonar equipment] along the pipe, and once they figure out where the dog is with [that], they cut one small hole at the top and stick a camera in the pipe,' said DFR Capt. Jason Genn.

Once they spotted the little dog, they drilled a hole in the pipe to save Chloe, who had been stuck inside for at least two hours.

After some tense moments, the little dog was reunited with her tearful owner.

'We were calling her and I could hear her crying, but she couldn't get out,' said Verna Mariela.

Chloe ran into the drain pipe after she dashed out of her owner's apartment. When she was pulled from the pipe, she looked a little scared and shaken up, but dog-gone happy.

'I am happy to have her home. I didn't want to leave her down there to die!' Mariela said, jokingly.

Fire Fighters say this was a great way to start out the new year.

'Makes me feel good the owner got her dog back,' said DFR Capt. Lance Cockrell.


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