FORT WORTH The Fort Worth Fire Department suspects an elderly woman who was critically injured in a house fire Thursday morning did not have a smoke detector properly installed in her two-story home.

Department spokesman Tim Hardeman said fire fighters arrived at the home at 10:30 a.m. following an automatic alarm at John Peter Smith Hospital. Hardeman said a lieutenant noticed smoke from several blocks away and went closer to investigate.

The lieutenant, firefighter Matt Schnieder, called for a single alarm. The occupant's grandson told responders that his 87-year-old grandmother was still inside.

'He was very desperate. He was just running back and forth, he didn't know what to do,' said neighbor Maria Robles. 'It's pretty bad and sad for her family.'

The firefighters ran in and rescued her from an upstairs bedroom, Hardeman said. The crews performed CPR and the woman was taken to Parkland Regional Burn Center in Dallas.She is recovering there.

Hardeman said the fire started in a separate upstairs bedroom. The cause is under investigation. The fire appears to have reached the attic, where it was able to spread into other areas of the house.

However, he said one smoke detector was found in the home and it was not mounted on the wall, nor did it have batteries. The spokesman urged residents to make sure their detectors are properly installed.

'Please make sure you have at least one working smoke detector on each level of your residence,' he said.

Fort Worth residents can get firefighters to install a smoke detector for free by calling 817.392.6862.

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