The arrest in New York of an Indian diplomat is a big mistake, according to her attorney; she's been mistreated by U.S. officials, did nothing wrong, and wants an apology.

Not so fast.

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

Devyani Khobragade brought a housekeeper from India, promising to pay her $4,500 per month. Instead, authorities claim, when she arrived the woman was paid just under $600 per month.

Accused of falsifying documents, Khobragade was arrested and like all others, picked up by authorities in New York for similar federal felony charges, strip searched, and detained.

What happened to diplomatic immunity, her government asked? And our Secretary of State John Kerry expressed regret for her treatment.

Interestingly, no remorse was expressed by their government or our secretary of state to the woman forced to work at far below the minimum wage once she arrived in this country.

An arrest warrant has been issued should she return to India, but no inquiry, no voice raised in objection to her alleged mistreatment. ABC News said last summer the woman enlisted the help of a victim's advocacy organization to get her back pay.

Khobragade refused, and then called the state department complaining the woman was trying to blackmail her.

It's all worth an investigation but let's make sure we look into the complaints of all the victims before jumping to any conclusions.

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