DALLAS Police say they found two bodies overnight in a Red Bird home following a suspected murder-suicide.

At 12:43 a.m. Friday, Charles Green, 22, and Reginald Brewer, 49, were found dead of gunshot wounds at the home at 417 Goldwood Dr., located blocks west of Interstate 35E and south of Camp Wisdom Rd.

According to a police report, Brewer shot and killed Green then is believed to have turned the gun on himself. The report says Brewer's fatal wound was to his chest. The document says 'the investigation is ongoing to determine if (Brewer) shot himself afterwards.'

Investigators spent the morning interviewing witnesses and Brewer's wife, Bridgette Alexander. She told News 8 that she saw Brewer shoot his stepson.

'My son and my husband were having an argument and my husband went to apologize for him hitting me earlier in the month,' Alexander said.

He suddenly turned and grabbed a gun, shooting Alexander in the head.

'He turned to me and said he didn't mean to do that and went back in and turned the gun on himself and shot himself in the chest,' Alexander said.

She said Brewer has become increasingly violent in the last year.

Neighbors say they were never aware of any problems in the home. However, a search of Dallas police incident reports show that officers were called to the home at 2:08 a.m. on Nov. 15 after a report that Brewer punched his wife 'so many times with a closed fist she lost count.' The argument, the report says, stemmed from a grocery bill.

'He went off and just started beating me out of the blue, I can't tell you how many times,' Alexander said.

The results of that case are unclear. However, the victim filled out a family violence form and refused a shelter.

'It's very upsetting,' said neighbor Ruthie Blackmon. 'It's right next door. Any one of the bullets could have come through my granddaughter's window. Yeah, it's kind of scary knowing that it was so close.'

Relatives were seen removing items from the home Friday but declined to comment. Alexander said her husband was frustrated because he had heart disease and his health was deteriorating.

'He was frustrated so he took that out on me,' Alexander said.


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