DALLAS There are questions about another Dallas police shooting where an officer shot a teenager.

Scottie Smith talked to WFAA and The Dallas Morning News about what he saw as the officer approached a car that was being investigated in a carjacking case Monday afternoon.

'His hands were up like this,' said Scottie Smith, adding that he watched in disbelief as the officer shot the teenager in the passenger seat.

'There is no reason to justify that young man getting shot, especially surrendering like he was,' Smith said.

Smith said he saw police chase a maroon car into the St. Augustine Townhomes in Southeast Dallas. Smith, a Notre Dame graduate, is the complex manager.

'The driver hops out of car and takes off running,' Smith recalled.

But, the passenger 19-year-old Kelvion Walker was still in the vehicle. Dallas police said he was getting out of the car.

'One of the officers engaged one of the suspects exiting the passenger side, which led to the officer firing their weapon at the suspect,' Deputy Chief Gil Garza said.

Police said the suspect was unarmed. They are trying to enhance video from a police car camera to help with their investigation.

Smith said he was 20 feet away, and saw everything that happened. He said Walker had his hands up the entire time, and he watched the officers opened the driver's side door.

'His hands were up in a surrender kind of pose from what I saw, and I don't know what was said to the officer, but as soon as she opened the door, he was shot,' Smith said.

Police said the officer who shot Walker is Senior Cpl. Amy Wilburn. She was involved in the case of Deanna Cook, whose death was caught on a 911 tape while waiting for officers.

Wilburn was one of the responding officers who was criticized for failing to enter the home to look for Cook. Her body found two days later by family members.

'They are supposed to protect and serve, but here, we are afraid,' Smith said.

Kelvion Walker, a Spruce High School student, was once a quarterback, but dropped out for a little while. His coach told The Dallas Morning News, 'The kid has some kind of character about him, because he could've dropped out, but he came back to finish his high school diploma.'

Dallas police said Walker and the driver were suspects in a recent carjacking, and are investigating the shooting to see if it was justified.

Police said Walker remained in critical condition on Tuesday.

Cpl. Wilburn was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.


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