CROWLEY -- The fight in the parking lot between parents from the Weatherford Outlaws and the Crowley Eagles last Monday ended with both peewee football teams being kicked out of the playoffs.

Weatherford parents are now fighting to get their kids back in the game.

'This is not about winning or losing a fight,' said Weatherford Outlaws parent Christopher Frank. 'This is about the kids. We are throwing up a Hail Mary and we are just hoping this board looks at it and decide, and change their mind and let these kids play. They didn't do anything wrong.'

It's a Hail Mary pass from the Weatherford Outlaws before the playoffs start Saturday, and it comes with a threat of legal action against the Northwest Texas Youth Football Association, the organization that suspended both teams for the incident.

'I have some received some information, and so what I will do now is talk to the parents about whether they want to pursue a temporary injunction,' said attorney Reed Wainwright.

Wainwright is working with the Weatherford parents trying to reverse the board's decision.

'I think, in the end, it will be in favor of everybody,' Wainwright said. 'I think we can do it without getting the courts involved.'

We contacted the Northwest Texas Youth Football Association. They had no comment.

The Crowley Youth Association is already taking action against the parent who started the fight, and a couple of coaches were also penalized. Weatherford believes that's punishment enough.

They are fighting for Crowley, too.

'We shouldn't have to punish the Crowley kids for what parents did, so I feel they should play, too,' Frank said.


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