DALLAS Country star Morgan Frazier's latest release recounts difficult days growing up in North Texas.

'I was at a writers retreat with a couple of ladies and we sat down in a room to write another song and we started sharing our stories of being bullied,' she said. 'And the girls I was writing with had been bullied. We just bawled for two hours and then we had the song.'

It's called 'Hey Bully,' something Frazier knows a lot about.

'I had warts on my face as a kid. Having warts on your face as a kid was not an easy thing to go through. It got so bad at one point I had three girls who made my life miserable from second grade to fifth grade. It just never stopped.

'I had one incident where the girls invited me to their house for a sleepover and I was really excited because I thought they were finally going to be my friends; and then getting there and having them make fun of me and having my mom come and get me from the sleepover. My mom ended up pulling me out of public school and putting me in home school because of it.'

That stopped the bullying for her. Now Frazier is hoping to help put an end to it for others. In its first week, her video has gotten tens of thousands of views and Frazier has been receiving a lot of messages.

'Just getting people messaging me on Twitter and Facebook every day saying I am giving a positive message in their lives--not just people being bullied--but bullyers,' she said.

Yes, Frazier has actually heard from kids who admit to being bullies and who say they will stop. That's pretty cathartic for her to know that her song might be convincing kids to appreciate each other warts and all.


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