FORT WORTH After seven months and a study that cost close to $325,000, the Fort Worth City Council heard details on Tuesday morning about ways to improve the Water Department's efficiency.

But as News 8 reported earlier this week, there were no major overhauls or recommendations that emerged from the lengthy and costly study.

The huge cost prompted WFAA Facebook fans to write comments like: 'Love how politicians keep wasting money on senseless spending ...'

Some union members also expressed concern about the study's expense, saying a lot of what was determined could have been accomplished in-house.

'It's a reflection of bad government and spending,' said Pete Talleos, president of the North Texas Association of Public Employees.

The city is defending the study.

'I think the outcome is, we will have a better Water Department when all is said and done,' said Council member Joel Burns.

Mayor Betsy Price said some smaller recommendations from the task force like improving water meter technology will help taxpayers in the long run.

'It'll pay off, the smart metering they're talking about and the other potential revenue streams,' she said.

The mayor also said that the study identified ways for some department services to, perhaps, be streamlined elsewhere across city government.

The city is undergoing reviews of at least a dozen departments to improve efficiency.

The mayor said she expects a lot more of that to be done in-house in the future, reducing costs.

The city didn't have projections for how much those other reviews may cost.


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