DALLAS -- Disease didn't take the bald cypress trees in the Dallas Arts District. Age did.

'It's a little dismal,' said Rick Bonds, whose work brings him to the Arts District on a regular basis.

Besides looking dismal, there is a bit of danger, according to Assistant Director of the Dallas Parks and Recreation Department Michael Hellmann.

'Well, there's risks when a tree dies,' he said. 'The limbs will decay and get brittle and drop.'

Big pieces of bark are swaying in the breeze and could fall at any moment, too.

The trees were planted when the Meyerson Symphony Center opened in September 1989. Hellman said the life expectancy for a tree in an urban environment is 15-to-20 years, so these trees have exceeded expectations.

'They're simply outgrowing their growing environment,' Hellmann said.

The Arts District is developing and thriving Bonds pointed out, and dying trees don't really fit the image.

'There's a lot of development going on. It will be nice to see fresh trees to compliment the new development,' he said.

City crews will move in early Thursday morning to begin taking them down. Hellmann said they will leave what's living, but those won't last forever, either.

There has been some damage done to sidewalks, too, which must be repaired before trees can be replaced.


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