DALLAS Just a few blocks from Fair Park, witnesses heard gunfire late Sunday afternoon outside a Williams Chicken restaurant at 3009 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

'All I heard was three shots. I'm like, 'Wow, this was really close. What was that?'' said Charles Crisler, who works security next door.

He and other witnesses told News 8 two men believed to be employees of Williams Chicken were arguing. Things got heated and the men ran out into the back lot.

'I just so happened to be coming through at that precise time that that guy was running outside of that back door, shooting at that guy... and I was right in the path,' said Marcus Harris, who also witnessed the shooting.

He said he feared for his life. 'I just started running, getting out of the way!'

Witnesses said one of the men was hit. Dallas police did not comment on the condition of the shooting victim; they also had no information about the status of the gunman.


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