Is the wedding on or off?

That's the burning question for fans of Dallas' Sean Lowe after he popped the question to his fiance, Catherine, last March on the season finale of ABC's 'The Bachelor.'

Sean and Catherine have not announced a wedding date, fueling rumors their engagement is on the rocks. In an exclusive interview with News 8, they set the record straight about their relationship and what lies ahead.

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are officially living in Dallas after meeting on the Bachelor and that famous proposal on national TV last March. Sitting in the church where Sean grew up worshipping, Catherine flashes her engagement ring after months of speculation the couple might not marry.

'The fact of the matter is that we are talking about the wedding and we are talking about the initial phases of planning the wedding. We just can't announce it yet because ABC likes to keep those things top secret until they're ready to announce it but there will be a wedding,' says Sean.

If all goes well, the couple hopes to announce very soon when in 2014 they will tie the knot live on ABC.In fact, the network is acting like a wedding planner of sorts, laying out the best options for them to choose from.

'It's completely different from what normal brides would experience but again we get the best of everything. We get presented to it instead of seeking it out. It does make it easier,' said Catherine.

Easier and much more affordable considering ABC picks up the tab.

'I want to make sure that it's so full of love and I want to make sure people get together in unity in support of us.'

And if you think Catherine wants to ride away from the ceremony in a carriage with her Prince Charming, think again.

'I'm not a princess,' she said. 'I never claimed to be a princess. I just want it to be beautiful.'

After the wedding, Sean and Catherine have bigger plans for the marriage.

'She told me the other day she wants five kids!I said I better make a lot of money to support five kids,' he joked.

The couple intends to raise their family in Dallas, where both plan to attend a non-denominational church. Sean has gotten a lot of flak for his faith.

'A lot of people say this guy's a fake, he's a phony,' says Sean.

The tabloids have had a field day with his commitment to remain celibate before marriage, something Sean says he never set out to announce to the world.

'I never intended on talking about my sex life ever. But someone asked the question are you having sex before marriage and I answered honestly. No. And I'm not ashamed of it.'

Catherine says Sean's commitment to wait for sex until their marriage night makes her love him even more. She definitely sees the rocking chairs, she said.

'On our first date we were on aglacier and he had snow on his hair and I thought I could see him as a hot old man and I want to be with that man,' she said.


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