MESQUITE Two thieves targeting students at a Mesquite elementary school were caught in the act by an alert photographer.

They were seen using bolt-cutters to steal the bicycles of unsuspecting students.

But in this story, the generosity of others won out over the selfishness of the thieves.

When you're nine, just about the worst thing anyone can do to you is mess with your bike.

'I liked it because it was fast and, like, it was fun to ride,' said Matthew Flores.

About two weeks ago, someone stole his bike and two others from J.C. Austin Elementary School in Mesquite.

'I was upset,' Matthew said... and he wasn't the only one.

'Several kids who did not get their bikes stolen worried about their bikes, too,' said Principal Jonathan Royle.

The thefts were reported on the Mesquite Scanner Facebook page. After that, an alert citizen jumped into action.

Here's the result: A photo, taken five days later, of a thief caught trying to steal more bikes. He and a partner were arrested by Mesquite police.

But wait; it gets better.

An anonymous donor heard about the stolen bikes and donated three new ones. Now Matthew Flores has new wheels.

'It's a little harder to pedal, though, because it's a big bike,' he said.

'Hopefully the students will understand that it's a good thing to give and not necessarily get something in return,' Principal Royle added.

Matthew had a simple message for his unknown benefactor: 'I'd tell them, 'Thank you!''

There are still people out there willing to spin out a happy ending.


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