GRAND PRAIRIE It's time to organize and move out.

The Christian humanitarian organization World Vision is preparing relief supplies in Grand Prairie for those affected by the flooding in Colorado, packing everything from personal hygiene products to bleach that will help people clean up black mold.

'Families there in the region need to be very careful about going back into their homes, there is no safe situation, so we've included face masks, all critical to the clean up,' said Phyllis Freeman, a member of World Vision.

Federal and state emergency officials say more than 3,000 people so far have been evacuated by air and ground. World Vision already has crews on the ground working alongside churches, but the need for supplies could last for many months, even years.

'We have a warehouse in Denver, however we also have 53-foot vans that are disaster relief that act as mobile warehouses,' said Freeman.

But it takes volunteers like Kevin Baza who flew to North Texas from Seattle to help to get the job done.

'It's not about me, I do it because its others who are involved who need supplies. Mainly for the children, I want them to be successful whether for school supplies or the essential items they need day to day,' said Baza.

After basic needs are met, the focus turns to rebuilding. Transportation spokespeople now say it could be well into 2014 until roads are permanently repaired. And World Vision, with a need this great, may stick around for years.

'We'll also look at this and make a decision to stay a full year, a second year, or third year to help with the process,' said Freeman.


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