FORT WORTH On Tuesday, the Texas Department of Public Safety lined up more than 100 car seats and had a bulldozer mow over them.

The demonstration, organized by Safe Kids Tarrant County, was an effort to destroy a year's worth of old, damaged and recalled car seats while proving their resiliency. All the used car seats will now be out of circulation, which is where they should be, experts say.

Safe Kids of Tarrant County estimates more than 90 percent of families in the Dallas Fort Worth Area are using their child seat improperly.

'When you see cars crash into trees and to polls into other vehicles, there's amazing crash dynamics that are taking place there,' said Trooper Lonny Haschel, a spokesman for TxDOT.

Many of the car seats were still in OK shape despite the work of the bulldozer.

'These things were just run over by a bulldozer and some of them still retained their shape like they have a life of their own' said Haschel.

Here are a couple of mistakes DPS troopers commonly see with car seats:

  • children that exceed the height and weight limit
  • safety straps aren't tight enough
  • child restraints aren't properly secured to the vehicle

For more information on how to properly secure your child into his or her seat head to this website.


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