Nine attacks since June in the same three-mile area, and only now is this getting the attention it deserves.

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

The gold standard for how police and community should track down a rapist was played out in Lake Highlands earlier this year.

Remember the police presence? The neighborhood awareness? The saturation media coverage?

That is the way you flush a predator from cover; an unprecedented joint effort.

It gave us hope that in this year, when Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings asked us to pay attention to domestic violence and treatment of women, a unified response would put fear in the hearts of criminals for a change -- not the victims.

That's what's frustrating about this week's announcement of another serial rapist, and the late start in catching him.

There's been an unrelated arrest, but so far no one's been charged.

That, too, happened in the Lake Highlands attacks, then DNA cleared the first suspect and pointed to someone else.

We can spend the rest of the year pointing fingers and laying blame. But for now, what we need are fingers pointing to a good suspect; fingers dialing the police; fingers of every officer and every citizen linked, in a single line of outrage sweeping through that three-mile area, and speaking to this attacker with one voice saying, 'We know you're out there... You can run, but you can't hide.

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